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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 7:58 PM

Need help badly. cannot get receipt

A few days ago, I updated my iPhone to iOS8 and I got stuck on activation lock and my iCloud account was locked. I took it to the Apple Store and they said they could remove it with proof of purchase or a receipt. I had since lost the receipt since I bought this phone almost two years ago.


The AT&T store I bought my phone at had closed down so I simply went to another AT&T store. The service was rude. They said I cannot get my receipt since I did not buy the phone at that store and the store I bought it was "wasn't corperate" so they had no records of it. I then went home and had an online live chat with someone on the AT&T website. They said they had record that I bought my phone but no invoice. They also said I cannot get my proof of purchase except where I bought my phone. She then cut my chat off before I could ask anything else.


If it closed down, where am I suppossed to get it? Where is all the infromation I gave that store? 


This is extremely frustrating and I am now debating on if to ever get an Apple product again and if I should stay with AT&T anymore.

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9 years ago

If you didn't buy the phone from an AT&T corporate store, and instead bought from another place that is an authorized AT&T retailer, then AT&T doesn't have a copy of your receipt since they weren't the one who sold you the phone.



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9 years ago

  1. Did you charge your purchase?  If so, you could use your credit card receipt.
  2. Other than a few major retailers, what non-corporate phone stores sell iPhones?
  3. The cited activation/iCloud lock sounds a bit suspicious, IMHO.
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