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Thursday, October 30th, 2014 5:32 PM

My Data went over excessively this month

Hello! I appear to have an issue with my phone excessively using data. I'm trying to view my data usage to troubleshoot what apps or processes are causing me to go over my 2GB limit, but the report is not very detailed. It does not tell me what function is using the data. I don't use my phone heavily and I'm connected to Wifi whenever possible. I also do not run apps in the background and close them after use. I don't have many apps setup for background refresh either. Any tips or suggestions to help me track down what is using all of my data? I don't like being overcharged.



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10 years ago

If you have an iPhone, you can go into "Settings -> Cellular" then scroll down to the bottom and see what apps have used data, and how much each of them has used. This would show the usage from the last time you reset it, so if you haven't reset it in a while, it will show accumulated usage since your last reset (mine was last reset over a year ago, so I see usage over the full 13-14 months).



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10 years ago

One case that can affect dates usage is app specific; so it might not be affecting you.

A few weeks back, the Wall St. Journal pushed out a very buggy update to it's IOS app. Left on your device for long enough, it would somewhat continuously keep trying to download issues. That specifically hit me, and is the reason why my usage went up this month. I am on a 10gig plan though, and I caught it after 1.5gb or so. One symptom of having the bad version of the Wall St. Journal app is your device having severe problems trying to any OTA os or app updates.

The only fix is to completely delete the bad Wall St. Journal app; for safety power down and restart, and reinstall.

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