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Monday, January 21st, 2019 7:12 PM

Loyalty Program and BOGO

I've been an at&t customer for years now and I wanted to upgrade my plan and phones on my account. In order to get the BOGO deal on the iphone Xr, I had to add a new line. This does not make sense because I would have to add a third line or cancel one of my phones, which I would lose a phone number I had for years. If I added a phone line I would need to pay more, if I cancel a line I would out a phone number many people have. Of note, I'm in the active military, which means I move around a lot and it is very important to have the same number to ensure people can get a hold of you when they need to. Not sure why these promotions are even called promotions especially for a loyal customer. I guess I'm switching wireless providers because I can keep my phone numbers and get the same deal with BOGO iphone Xr. Also I will get a better wireless plan IMO.

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5 years ago

I wish I could get a BOGO phone without having to add a line too, I'm sure everyone does, but the whole reason the BOGO's exist is to add new lines of business. You may get a BOGO phone by switching but that is because you are adding a new line to that new carrier. If you think you can upgrade in a few years with them and get another BOGO phone, nope. If you don't mind switching carriers every few years, that's fine. This "better wireless plan" you are switching too, would it be T-Mobile? I was strongly considering switching to them too for their military discount (I'm retired military) but then AT&T increased their military discount and added a military discount to internet and tv service. For me, even though T-Mobile would have still cost less for wireless, when I add wireless, internet and tv (which I already had), the total cost is about the same so I decided to stay with ATT. That and T-Mobile has major coverage wholes in my state. What should be even more important to you is a carrier that provides the service you need where you need it.

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