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Fri, Sep 25, 2020 3:49 AM

Locked sim

Added a new line, iphone8 was mailed out. We never received the phone, they sent out a new one. About 4 months later they send another iphone8 out, we call like hey you guys sent out another phone, they have no recollection of that, saying they didn’t send a phone out. Okay? Now the phone we have been using broke! So we put the sim in the NO RECOLLECTION phone! Line suspended. Now what? 





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a month ago

It sounds like your second phone was blacklisted because it was sent to you in error (or somehow it was the original phone that got lost and later found).  I’m surprised they let you keep the phone and  didn’t ask it back.  In any case, your

line probably got cancelled because you inserted your SIM in a blacklisted phone.

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