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Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 3:45 AM

Loaner phone

Let me start at the beginning. I go into the AT&T store with a iPhone 13 Pro. My app says I get a free upgrade with trade in. The manager rings me up and we notice a small crack that got through the protector. He tells me “no they won’t charge you just might add money to the total left over”. I say great. If they add a couple hundred bucks to my total pay off I’m not too worried. I could have just got it fixed with insurance but it would have been another deal and I don’t have time like that. Turns out they charged my account $600 so that was a flat out lie. Whatever I paid it. Get my new iPhone 14 pro which I only really wanted for the newer camera. And 2 weeks in my camera stops working. I go into AT&T and say “hey my phone camera is broken”. They tell me to go to the Apple Store. Which is weird because I have insurance through you guys. So I do and he says it has a bug and needs to be sent in for 2 weeks so they can figure out the bug. Now here’s where the big issue starts. I take calls everyday for work. I can’t be without a phone for 2 weeks. I go into the store and they say they don’t have loaners. So I go to online support and they can’t do anything so they gave me a number. I call the number and the lady tries to sell me another  phone with another line?!?! So I ask for the manager and get through to him. He continues to do the same thing. He said the stores do offer loaners. Which I’m on an island and can’t just go store hopping til someone’s got one. then eventually tells me there’s nothing he can do and nobody higher than him that deals with customers directly?!?? It ended with him saying they can’t help me. Why can’t you just send a loaner to the store and I’ll pick it up. It’s that simple?? I asked him that aswell. Nothing they can do. So I’m screwed out of $600 for a broken phone that should have been free in the first place. If this isn’t fixed as soon as possible I’m going to bring the phone back in and cancel my plan. I will not continue to pay for a broken phone and be treated like dog feces by your support team. Beyond P.O’d with AT&T. Probably misspelled and jumbo’d sentences because I’m so livid after this phone call with you guys.  

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ACE - Sage


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6 months ago

1.  There is no such thing as a free upgrade. I don't know where that came from but that's not how any of this works.

2.  If you took advantage of your next up early upgrade when moving from an iPhone 13 to a 14,  you still pay a sales tax upfront on the full value of the new phone. Your required to return a excellent condition and working previous device. Your device was damaged so you are charged the remaining installments in full.  I think they send your old phone back because it's damaged.

3.  There is no such thing as a loaner phone. If you need a temporary phone you have to provide your own.

4.   If you are brand new device is defective, that is covered under Apple warranty. If the Apple store tells you it's not covered under warranty because it's physical damage then you file an insurance claim with Asurion. You will notice neither of those is AT&T. Not your warranty and not insurance.   

AT&T is not responsible for the warranty or the insurance on your phone.

You are responsible for paying for a phone that you purchased with a loan from AT&T. Not paying for it will result in suspension, loss of your phone number, ruined credit, and a phone that AT&T will not unlock so you can't use it anywhere else. In fact you can't even take the phone and use it on AT&T prepaid or MVNO anymore because AT&T started enforcing its unpaid device policy over a year ago.  That means the phone's not only locked but it's restricted.

You not knowing how any of this works is not necessarily your fault although you could have read all of the information that explains it.  

ACE - Expert


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6 months ago

Asurion covers loss, theft or damage. https://www.asurion.com/att/

Your phone malfunctioned and that’s on Apple. 

“Loaner” phones are not a thing.  Go buy a cheap prepaid phone.

You have 14 days to return a phone.


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