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Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 7:22 PM

iPhone IMEI Error

So I recently purchased a used iPhone 8 Plus but I am unable to use my SIM in it because it is apparently locked. I tried unlocking through AT&T's device unlocking page but I get a message that says the IMEI doesn't match an AT&T device while I'm 100% sure that it is. I am unsure of what to do now. Please help.



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The unlock portal for AT&T is, but if you get an error then you’d have to refer back to the place of purchase to get it unlocked. The site has an option for “not an att customer”, but if device was purchased outside AT&T, warranty or insurance swapped or not paid off, etc etc then you won’t be able to clear it up. The original owner who sold it to you will.

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