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Tue, Oct 6, 2020 3:46 PM

iPhone AND Pixel 3 Not Receiving Texts

I had been asked in person and by email by multiple people why I was ignoring their them. I realized I was sporadically not receiving random people’s calls or texts. I used my phone for work (sales) and personal. The implications are huge. I have had a Google Pixel 3 for just over a year and been an AT&T customer for a decade.

I went to the AT&T store and performed all troubleshooting measures with the representative no to avail. Cleared message cache, deleted all old texts, reset all network settings, everything... I was still not even receiving texts from his personal iPhone!

I was advised to call the AT&T support line and was on the phone with AT&T advanced tech support for 1.5hrs. Performed network profile reset and other troubleshooting measures. Still no solution. I was told they would elevate the matter and reach back out in 24-48Hrs.

Due to the implications of this I figured perhaps it was a hardware issue so I purchased a new iPhone 11 PRO on the spot at the AT&T store. That night after updating my new phone a flurry of 90 missed texts and over a dozen missed calls from the 1-2 weeks prior all flooded in. A medley of texts ranging from iPhone users to android users on all networks ranging from AT&T, Verizon, and TMobile. At that point, I thought the matter was settled and it was a hardware issue. Not the case.

The next day, another dozen texts came through all at once. This time, none were from iPhones since I was now operating on the iMessage platform with other iPhone users. All these texts were from androids or group MMS.

This morning, I got frustrated with a customer who was not answering my texts. Thankfully he was able to call and assured me he was texting me back. I AM STILL NOT RECEIVING TEXTS.

WHATS THE DEAL AT&T?! This is screwing up my personal AND professional life. It’s implications to my business amount to actual FINANCIAL LOSS. It’s implications to my personal life and FAMILY are even more troubling.

I have consulted an attorney regarding the financial loss I have incurred due to AT&T not providing the service they are paid to provide.

That still does not solve my issues of still not receiving text messages right now. Please help!! Anything else anyone can think of that I can try?

[UPDATE: AT&T advanced tech support never called back. When I called THEM back 5 days later I was informed they had trouble creating the ticket and thus simply dropped the case and did not pursue a solution any further. I got confirmation that a new ticket was made when I called back yesterday]

[UPDATE #2: They never called back the second time regarding the second ticket - I am going to try calling them back again today]

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