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Fri, Oct 26, 2018 4:11 PM

iPhone 8 Plus Shows LTE But Has No Connectivity

I'm using an Apple iPhone 8 Plus which I just recently purchased. I was having no problems with voice or data usage until I went on a trip overseas earlier this month. I had paid for the international passport, but I had no voice or data connectivity whatsoever, so I had the plan and subsequent fees removed as a result. During my stay, I made necessary calls using Wi-Fi Calling. This was quite inconvenient, but I figured my voice and data connectivity would most likely return to normal once I returned to the U.S. However, such was not the case. While I am finally able to make calls and texts freely, I still cannot use data without connecting to a Wi-Fi signal. 


I troubleshooted my issues as shown on the AT&T website. I turned my phone off for a while and back on again, I reset my general settings, I made sure my cellular data setting and roaming option was on, and so forth. I am still having zero luck. Despite LTE showing up next to my signal bars, whenever I open apps or Safari to try to connect to the web without connecting to another Wi-Fi source, it tells me I have no internet connectivity. I am at a loss and would appreciate any support. Thank you.


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2 years ago

Hi, @Mischka,


Let's examine this. When you checked your settings, did you make sure WiFi Calling was turned off? Turn Roaming off and see if that makes a difference.


If WiFi Calling is turned off and if it doesn't make a difference whether Roaming is on or off, then check your iPhone with the Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool. Sign into your myAT&T account and click on the preceding link. Go into Select your issue>Service/network issues and click on Internet. After that, just follow the troubleshooting steps provided. If this doesn't help your the internet connection on your device, please let us know.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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9 months ago

had this same issue since we went on vacation to Mexico. cant use anything unless we are connected to Wifi.

checked all settings etc.. data is on. turned off and on. reset network settings etc... i'm literally at a loss on what more we can try to fix this

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