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Sunday, December 11th, 2022 11:03 AM

iPhone 7plus

Yo team

well i bought an iPhone 7+ From blackmarket here in Algiers 

it works all fine but my friend advised me to not update it which led into not having any notifications from all apps 

asking help from u glory people.


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10 months ago

Not a home phone issue, moved to wireless. Help for what?

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10 months ago

Updates to iPhone software come directly from Apple and have nothing to do with AT&T. You are also not an AT&T customer so anything having to do with your iPhone is an apple issue.

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10 months ago

What help are you looking for?  You bought a phone that was hacked to be unlocked so you could use it in Algiers, and updating the software removed the hack.  AT&T isn’t going to help you with that.  All you can do is try to request that the phone be unlocked at

If the phone isn’t eligible to be unlocked, the request will be denied.

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