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Mon, Oct 28, 2019 6:00 PM

iPhone 7 Unlocking

Bought the iPhone phone from Craigslist, and the guy mentioned the phone is paid off and I can unlock by submitting request to AT&T.  So I get home and try to unlock through AT&T and I kept getting an error saying "Looks like the IMEI number you entered doesn't match an AT&T device".  I thought this was odd so I proceeded to insert sim card from company phone that I work for.  The phone worked fine and I made a test call to my fiance to make sure everything works.  Called AT&T and same, cant find the IMEI on their database.


Fast forward two days later, I get on the AT&T website to unlock and i get an error message saying "Looks like you haven't paid off your device yet. Follow these steps to pay off your contract. Then, wait 24 hours before you submit a new request".  I call AT&T and they have the same message and they tell me to visit an AT&T store and they should be able to give more details.  I visit the store next to my apartment, the lady looks into and said that the new phone is listed under the company's contract and I cant unlock it.


At this point I have made several calls to AT&T customer service and made several visits to store with no solution.


Can you please help?  What is my next steps? Does a phone that has been ideal for a while and an AT&T SIM is inserted, does it get locked to that contract?


I have read from the forum regarding individuals purchasing unlocked phones from Apple and using AT&T SIM card and getting locked to AT&T.  Is this situation similar to what I am experiencing?


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2 y ago

Hi there @ATL2018,


Thank you for bring this to our attention!


If you are receiving a message stating that there is a balance that would need to be paid off before unlocking the device, there may still be an active installment plan or past due balance. Please contact the seller from Craigslist to have the balance paid on the account. See Unlock Requirements for more information.


Happy to help!


Chasidy, AT&T Community Specialist

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