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Wed, Oct 25, 2017 3:23 AM

iPhone 7 Plus and ATT VERY Poor Quality Calls

I am on my 3rd iPhone 7 Plus (256G) this month, 2nd SIM and have tried 4 different phone cases.  I've installed by restoring my iCloud backup on the 2nd phone and the 3rd was advised to install manually, like a new phone, do not select restore from iCloud.  Very painful and time consuming...


All 3 phones have had VERY POOR call quality, muffled sounding calls, cuts in and out and drops calls.  I've turned off VOLTE and at one point last week ATT finally advised they would credit me back the cost and give me a loyalty credit for the inconvenience.  When I stopped into the ATT store today, with a transcript of all my chats confirming this, I only got the run-around, they did not know, nor want to do this.


As a longtime loyal customer with ATT & Apple, I am VERY disappointed!  Seems there is a well known issue with Quantum vs Intel Modems in the iPhone 7 Plus and with VOLTE lack of service and quality of calls, yet neither is owning it.  Many forums say the same issue is on the iPhone 8 too.    


My iPhone 6 Plus worked just fine as a phone, I only upgraded for the additional storage.  I live in Minneapolis and have not had issues in the past.


Anyone have any advice?  This is very frustrating when all I want to have is a cell phone that makes good quality calls.


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4 y ago

Greetings @AppleLT,

Welcome to the Community Forums! I understand you have been having call quality issues with your iPhone7. It is certainly concerning to hear the issue has happened over multiple devices. I will be happy to look further into this for you.

To get started, I will need a bit more information. Please send a private message to @ATTCares with your full name, account number, a good contact number, and any additional details you feel may be helpful. Once I hear back, I will be able to take closer look as to what could be the cause of your issue.

I look forward to working with you. Take care and have a great day!

Denise, AT&T Community Specialist



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2 y ago

Wow - I have the same exact issue, 2 iphone 7 plus phones, 3 att sims, 3 cases and still the problem persists. I've been to Apple Store, AT&T store and several calls to support both at Apple and AT&T and still no luck. Been impacting my work and become a running joke - you sound like you're at the bottom of the ocean, near a chopper, etc. This problem is consistently reproducible and all it'll take is some advanced troubleshooting and some owning up by these major corporations


UGH! Please help! Anyone with a solution to this?

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