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Tue, Dec 6, 2016 8:15 AM

iphone 7 christmas present-activate now?

I just received my daughters new iphone 7 today that is to be her christmas gift for christmas morning. I dont want to give it to her earlier than that day. My question is do I activate now? Because she is still using her iphone 5s and if I activate the new one, wouldnt that turn the 5s off? DO I just need to leave it in box and have her set it up that morning her self? I would like to have it ready and set up for her to use, but I was jut wondering the best way to do this. Thanks in advance!!!


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4 years ago

Hello @jkelley84!


@AppleQueen is completely correct! If you want to surprise her, I would wait to activate the device. If you activate the new phone now, that will de-activate the phone she is currently using.


Once she opens up her awesome gift, it can be activated online. Let us know if you have any other questions! We are here to help! Have a wonderful day!


Rafael, AT&T Community Specialist

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4 years ago

Best option so it's a surprise and she can have her most recent data restored, is to wait until Christmas. She can back old phone up to iCloud or iTunes on the PC. Restore the new one from whichever backup. Last step, activate new device at She just types in the phone number and shipping zip code and it activates the new phone within seconds.



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3 years ago

I too have a similar situation.  My daughter has an iPhone with AT&T service.  I purchased a refurbished newer model iPhone from Walmart, listed as an AT&T iPhone.

Do I need to come into an AT&T store in advance to check the simm or do I simply follow the steps above, make an iCloud backup on Christmas morning with her existing phone, then the moment that backup completes, start up her newer model iPhone, provide her AT&T wireless number, our zip code and all the Apple credentials?

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