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Thursday, December 11th, 2014 9:48 PM

iphone 6 plus order-- credit card expired MESS

1. ATT will NOT update credit card info for iphone 6 plus orders (i ordered my iphone w  a credit card set to expire 6 weeks from purchase date). If the order tries to go through with an exp. CC it will automatically get cancelled. SO TO ENSURE THAT i would not lose my place in line after already waiting 6 weeks i set out to update my CC info--SHOULD be easy right? NOT w/ ATT


2. ATT WILL NOT UPDATE CC info on existing iphone 6 plus orders. I was initially told that I'd just have to star tover w/ a new order w/ the new CC info--AND go to the back of the line.


3. After waiting 6 weeks--i was not about to easily accept this--so i was passed around A LOT -- and a couple of times to a wrong number and to an out of service number! 


4. I finally said that if i could NOT keep my place in line after already waiting for 6 weeks--i'd just leave ATT and go w/ verizon. That got them to be EXTRA nice--or so i thought...


5. They sounded extra nice and actually PROMISED me that i would keep my place in line--and not go to the end of it. ATT lied! I got a new order date that was almost 3 weeks later than my first order so...


6. I gave up on ATT and just called to cancel my order since i was going to switch. THIS TOOK forever!!!!!!! Additionally I requested they text and email me to confirm my order was cancelled--which i got but the website foes this odd thing where it says that my first order is still processing...and when i click on it for more info... it then turns into my most recent order number... I REALLY hope that ATT does not do it's usual slimey unethical business practice and still send it to me then force me to pay a termination fee ... 


7. I also asked them to refund the initial 78 ish dollars they charged my now expired card for the first order... after being on hold for a long time they said that they could not credit my next phone bill or send me a check UNLESS i sent them my bank statement via a FAX (and only by fax) to prove that they charged me ...huh?????? ridiculous!!


8. HAPPY ending! i ordered iphone 6 plus 128 from verizon today and will get it this week--possibly tomorrow!!! (note: it is the SILVER that has immediate availability --not the other 2 colors).


I am not good w/ change so i had been w/ att for 10+ years despite a handful of REALLY poor customer service incidents... switching carriers is easy (and i've had verizon for my ipad for 2 years .. and my husband also uses verizon...NEVER ever had a problem with them)!


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