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Monday, January 15th, 2018 10:42 PM

iPhone 6 locked because of previous owner's unpaid balance.

I bought an iPhone 6 from someone but it is locked for AT&T. I'm not with this carrier so I tried to unlock it but it says there is an unpaid balance. What can I do? 

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6 years ago

Sorry, there is nothing you can do other than get the original owner to pay it off. The phone won’t be unlocked until it is paid for.



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5 years ago

This is an environmentally madness. These mobiles are of great use to others, but now can't used and destined for the bin as they can't be unlocked so the environmental impact is huge. 


Why not have a $50 unlock service when the mobile age is over 24 months old regardless, as most people have shifted mobiles by then but at least those on different contracts or 3rd world users can make use of these dead devices . 


You win, the environment isn't impacted as bad and 2nd users get a choice .


It needs looking at as ATT environmental policy must be on a back of a bit of paper as this way no one wins.


Please review it seriously I want a 4 year old phone released from your contract and as a 2nd user I can't cause some guy didn't pay his dues 3 years ago.


Many Thanks 

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