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Tue, Aug 5, 2014 4:25 PM

Iphone 5s Data Usage

I am trying to resolve an issue with my husbands phone. He had an Iphone 4 (that was never updated to I.O.S. 6) until a little over a month ago and never had issues with going over data caps. Since he got his Iphone 5s he has been using extreme amounts of data (1gb a day sometimes) and he hasn't changed his usage. He has actually used his phone less than usual in the last month as he spent over a week in a class where he had his phone away. I have had him turning his cellular data off when he isn't using the phone and it's STILL sucking data up. Last night while he was asleep with cell data OFF he got two notifications about the data usage increasing. Can anyone please offer advice as what we need to do in the settings, etc., to stop this data usage! a $400 bill is NOT acceptable. 



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if you are using ios 7:

you go to settings

click on cellular



this is where you can turn off cellular service for specific apps. next to each app it will tell you how much that data that each app has used. find out what is using the data and turn it off.


good luck getting the bill lowered!


 if you turned off cellular data and its still sucking data, wow. i don't know what else to do. 

back it up to itunes. and do a back up, erase and restore. an icloud back up does not backup everything. an itunes backup will backup everything and reinstall a fresh copy of ios. maybe even do a "set up as new".go to the genius bar for help. before erasing and restoring phone go to genius bar for help first. they will be able to pull diagnostic data from the phone to explain what is going on. this requires an "extended test"


go to the at&t store and make them give you new sim cards for all your phones. maybe the sim cards got cloned?


if all else fails cancel att, and move to t-mobile

its better to pay the ETF then a $400 cell phone bill


is your iphone connected to wifi when it is at home?


is it possible you have a teenage son or daughter that had this iphone "jailbroken" do you see any apps on the iphone like "cydia" or "ifile" ?


have you tried rebooting the phone ? press home and sleep at the same time until you see the apple logo and then let go


i am grasping at straws. this shouldnt happen. if the phone is using too much data and you are using ios 7, it should clearly show which app is using the data.



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