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Thursday, July 17th, 2014 11:11 PM

iPhone 5 :: Lock button issues

Hey everyone...


I wanted to ping the group to see if anyone else has had the issue I've been experiencing.  Here's a breakdown of the timeline...


Oct 2012 :: I got an iPhone 5 (about 2 weeks after launch)... YAAY! 🙂

Aug 2013 :: I begin to notice that my lock button (on top of the phone) begins failing

Sep 2013 :: I go to Apple and find out I'm 3 days AFTER my 1-year warranty.  They offer to sell me a new phone for $175, which I scoff at.

Oct 2013 :: I order a whole new set of parts, take apart my phone (which I know voids warranty, but I was over a year anyways), and fix the lock button... YAAY x2!

Apr 2014 :: Lock button starts failing again

Jul 2014 :: Lock button does not work at all and I have to use the "accessability options" to lock my phone which is a huge pain in the neck


What I'm wondering is... has anyone else experienced this issue?  I figured maybe I got a bum phone or maybe it's because I'm a VERY heavy user of my phone... but to have this button die on my TWICE.  GRRRRR...


Would love to hear more about any issues people have had and if there are any fixes (besides the obvious of buying new parts or a new phone) that I could try.  Any help would be very much appreciated...


Thanks! 🙂


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9 years ago

@jVernon - Hm, I've had my iPhone close to a year and haven't had any issues with the lock button on top of the iPhone. It seems to be rock solid compared to some other phones where it would just sink in. I think the key is not to put so much strength on it, more like treat it like a pen. However, do you have insurance on the phone? Maybe you can send out for a replacement. However I'm not sure if you'll be charged for voiding the warranty.
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