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Sat, Sep 15, 2012 1:24 AM


I want to know what the DOT is to the LEFT of the WHITE iphone 5 speaker is?! It's NOT on the BLACK iphone 5 too! Why the difference on the hardware?? I have searched through all images on Att and on Apple's websites and ALL OF THE IMAGES are like that. It's very odd to me. It kind of looks like a camera hole... but then it WOULD be on the black iphone 5 model too, and it's NOT. I tried asking Att about it and they just gave me the generic "they're the same" answer. Now this is supposedly true.... but that doesn't explain the hardware difference in ALL of the iphone 5 photos?? Can someone explain it to me before I preorder? This question is going to determine which colors my husband and I choose. Thanks!


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