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Wed, May 19, 2021 12:32 PM

iPhone 12 Pro Max not receiving individual texts from Android users

I just changed phones from an Moto Z to an iPhone 12 Pro Max.   I am not receiving texts from several people with Android phones.

Not receiving texts:  

  • ASUS, ATT&T network, on the same family plan as us, no text messages.   I do receive text messages from that phone if it is part of a group text.  For example, if he is sending a group text to both me and another family member (also iPhone users), then I get the text.  If the text is only to me, I do not receive it.
  • One Plus, unknown network  -- no texts
  • Google Pixel 3XL, Verizon network -- no texts
  • Android phones, unknown specific phones unknown networks -- not receiving texts from 2 other family members and 1 other friend

I have received texts from

  • Samsung Galaxy 21 on AT&T network  -- texts come through just fine
  • Motorola on Cricket Wireless -- texts come through just fine
  • People inside AT&T store, the demo phones inside the store -- texts were all coming through
  • All iPhones
  • Group texts -- If I'm part of a group text, I get the message, but not if message sent to me alone

My old phone is powered off and does not have a SIM card in it.   When the old phone is powered back on and connected to WiFi, the text messages that I did not receive on my iPhone (see the first list) come through on that old phone.  Again, my old phone is an Android, Motorola, Moto - Z.   


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6 m ago

Thank you for reaching out to us! Allow for us to further investigate into why you're not receiving messages from certain users @ 


Before we continue, we would need a little more information from you to be of further assistance:


  • Have you tried Resetting Your Network Settings?
    • By accessing this link it will reset any problems you are having with our network. Which should resolve any messaging errors you are getting.
  • Are you able to receive calls from these users?
  • Have you tried enabling Wi-Fi Calling?
    • Even though this is primarily a feature for calling, we have found that this has been used as a slight resolution for the texting issue


We kindly wait your response!



Ty, AT&T Community Specialist

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