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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 3:50 AM

iPhone 11 64GB Green for $299.99

Earlier (about 2 hours ago or so) I was on the AT&T website in the shop and noticed a Green iPhone 11 64GB for only $299.99 full retail price. I left the webpage to check Best Buy and other retail stores to see if they had the same deal or better and came back to AT&T to see that the deal had disappeared, never existed, or maybe that it was only at a certain AT&T location. I just remember the deal being on this website and the deal was ONLY on the Green iPhone 11 64GB and none of the other colors. It makes me feel crazy that I can't find the deal again and I don't exactly remember what location of the store that deal was located but I did see that deal and was going to order two of them. Any help would be appreciated. If it's any help the zip code on the website right now is set to 25880 even though that's not my location but that deal is still no where on the site. Thanks 

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