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Friday, August 12th, 2022 2:13 AM

I'm mad

I have been having issues with att from home internet taking a week after i was told 2 days then a sales rep comes and i switch phone carriers. They give me 2/3 Brand new phones that don't work. I would like to speak to a GM representative have been hanging up on me and all

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Phones work once the phone number is ported and the SIM card is activated. If new phones were shipped to you they would have come with an instruction on how to activate your sim card.   Or perhaps you needed instructions on how to turn the phones on.

What exactly is 2/3 of a phone? Or can you not decide whether you have received two phones or three phones?

You should be contacting the in-home rep who set up your purchase. Didn't he leave you a business card and a phone number?

If you still are clueless as to how to turn on your phones and activate service take everything to an AT&t corporate store and ask for help.

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