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Wed, Feb 18, 2015 11:17 AM

iCloud id

I bought an iPhone five from a friend of mine a while back and his iCloud ID was on there it was always a hassle so I went ahead and bought an iPhone six. I restored the iPhone six from a back up of the iPhone five and now is Apple iCloud ID is on my iPhone six and it won't go away. He has no idea what his password is or what even iCloud is for. I get a pop up every time I try to do anything with my phone telling me to enter my password for his Apple ID so I can't do nothing it's useless. Can anyone help the people at AT&T store couldn't help.



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6 y ago

Look at these for possible help...

If you do recover your friends Apple ID then have them follow these instructions...

Your best off not restoring from the old backup. Setup the 6 as a new phone with your own Apple ID.

AT&T can not recover an Apple ID or its associates password.

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