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Sunday, September 6th, 2015 3:21 PM

I paid to unlock my phone and got denied

I paid to have my iPhone unlocked (although it never should have been locked in the first place since I paid full price directly from Apple) and when I submitted my most recent request to have it unlocked, I was denied again.


Please have someone rectify this immediately. I spent hours on the phone dealing with various ATT associates to have this handled before I moved away to from the country.





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8 years ago

Pretty sure only AT&T can unlock phones so if you paid someone to do it you got duped.

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8 years ago

Send a private message to @ATTMobilityCare with your contact information. If anyone can help, they can.

If you paid full price from Apple, did you buy the SIM free model, or did you buy the AT&T model? If you bought the AT&T model, even though you paid full price, it is still locked to AT&T.

If you were supposed to get the SIM free model and didn't, I would take that up with Apple.

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8 years ago

The ATT model is still locked to the network for 60 days if activated on ATT.  


ATT will unlock your phone for free after 60 days.  Full retail cost is $649 or more.   If you paid less than that for an iPhone 6, you did not pay full price, but a discounted price with a 2 year commitment to ATT.


free unlocking portal

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