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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 1:04 PM



I have a RAT on my phone, says it is coming from AT&t! I know for a fact it is because AT&t, has spied on me for  18 months, keeping my mobile account when I transferred it to Verizon. Verizon sent letters 6 different times to the FTC AND BBB, stating my account was fine, found out 6 months later it never left. Brought it up to VZW THEY LIED, then found out the account;mine closed the next day .AT&T then fabricated a fake acct to keep me from getting into, I bought a  phone July 21,2021 From Vzw returned it aug 11, 2021. That iPhone hacked my 76yo mother July 9, 2022. At& t wouldn't give me info on who it was BUT APPLE TOLD ME IT WAS THE PHONE I REGISTERED W THEM JULY 24,  2021. Have both convos recorded. AT&T made a fake account feb 2022 to keep me from getting access, post paid! I have BILLS ON SAME NUMBER UNTIL MARCH  27, 2021. They opened the  acct with a galaxy note, was told was opened under Cingular wirelsss, did a reverse search last week in active armor MY NAME POPPED UP AS OWNER SHOWING THIS ACCOUNT WAS STOLEN FROM ME. Last week my phone was jailbroken by a co called CHECKPOINT, they stole my analytics, deleted my Twitter and deleted my Authenticator, found analytics yesterday showing CHINA was in my phone. AT&T VZW APPLE WORKING WITH CHINA BUT ALSO HACKING WHITE MALES WHO LEGALY OWN FIREARMS AND WHO THEY THINK ARE (Edited per community guidelines)  !! Who are the REAL domestic terrorists!!!

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11 months ago

Spied on you for 18 months?  You must be somebody REAL important.

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11 months ago

🤦🏼‍♀️. Try Reynolds Wrap, never use generic foil.

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