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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 8:20 AM

How to Unlock phone when the error message is inaccurate

I need to unlock the phone I purchased over three years ago. Here's the situation:

  1. I purchased the phone through my employer, who paid the bill for the usage.
  2. It has been over three years since I bought the phone.
  3. I recently transferred over the number and plan to a personal account.
  4. I successfully unlocked the iPhone XS through AT&T that I'd briefly had on the employer's plan without issue.
  5. I keep getting an error that I need to complete installment payments. There is no installment plan for this account or for the phone (iphone 12 pro max).
  6. The bill for the phone plan has been paid in full, and it's been well over 24 hours since I made the payment (which was early)

How can I get this phone unlocked, @ATTMobilityCare ? I would like an email or other free option, as I am and will be outside the US.


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Not sure how you could have bought the phone 3 years ago if it’s a 12 Pro Max, since that model was released in November 2020 (about 17 months ago).  If you just paid the phone off, it may take a number of days before the payment registers in the system.  Also, did you also cancel your account when you sent in the last payment?  You may have to wait for the final bill to be generated and settled.  In any case, AT&T doesn’t do customer service by email.  You can try chatting if you still have an account, but otherwise you’ll have to call them.  Otherwise, you can hope that AT&T Help sees the post and offers to meet in a DM to communicate with you directly.

Alternately, you can file a BBB or FCC complaint to get the issue bumped up to higher management.

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