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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 9:40 AM

Getting a new SIM for a new phone

I currently have an HTC One X+ which uses a micro-sim. I just ordered a Moto X off contract, which uses a nano-sim. I want to switch to that phone, so I'll need a new sim card. How do I go about getting the right sim card to transfer my service over? I currently have the $25 off the basic $40 plan that goes away if you buy a phone on contract, but in store I was told you don't lose the account credit if you buy a phone off contract, so I want to ensure I don't lose that $25 a month when I get the new sim card.

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9 years ago

Receiving a new SIM will not cause a contract. Only buying a subsidized phone causes a contract which causes the loss of the $25 discount. You will keep your discount. Go to a corporate store. They should give you a SIM for free.

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