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Thu, Jun 20, 2019 12:50 AM

Device Unlock Portal DOES NOT WORK

I’ve submitted three unlock requests for my moms old iPhone 6plus. The first two times I received the confirmation email right away and then about five minutes later I got an email stating ATT didn’t have enough information and to try submitting again later. The third time i submitted the request I realized there was a sprint SIM card in the phone and figured that might be an issue so I removed it. (The device is still attached to ATT). I got the confirmation email right away and my request was in progress for just over a day. Then I receive an email saying I never confirmed my request and the request was canceled. 



This is very frustrating. My phone stopped working earlier this week and this 6plus would be perfect if I could just get it unlocked. Are there any suggestions? 


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a year ago

Hello @Nick95,


We can absolutely provide you with some more information about the unlock process. When you submit an unlock request, you must open the confirmation email and click the link to confirm the request within 24 hours, or your request will be denied. Please wait until your current request is denied within two business days, then review our Unlock eligibility requirements and resubmit your unlock request.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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10 months ago

this also is happening to me, i immediately click the confirm and i was taken to a confirmation tab on my browser stating that i confirmed but after 24 hours, i receive an email saying i did not confirm. please check your system at&t. there is a problem there.,



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10 months ago

I keep on getting this when I try to enter the portal:

It has a screen with the letters OOPS 

and the following legend:

We'll be right back

Hi there! We're making a few updates but we'll be back up and running soon.
Thanks for choosing AT&T.


How do I get around this, I have a device I need to unlock in order to travel international but all I get is this stupid screen.



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10 months ago

Oh yes, I have had the device for almost a year, it is paid off, and I need it unlocked to use international.



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9 months ago

Yes, same thing is happening to me.  3 times I have submitted the unlock request and clicked the email confirmation link immediately, and all 3 times my request has been cancelled saying I didn't click on the the email link.  Online chat support was absolutely useless, he just kept repeating the same thing and telling me to wait 24 hours to submit a new request.  Obviously the whole request form system is broken and submitting a new request will not do anything, I have done that 3 times already.

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