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Wed, Jun 13, 2018 3:08 AM

Data not working on new Prepaid Plan

I bought a $45/month plan yesterday. I can receive phone calls and texts but cannot access internet on my phone. I used the sim to a different phone and it works on the other one.

What is wrong? I also went to ATT store and called ATT many times. They were not able to tell me what is wrong. Asked me to go to store and change SIM. Did not work!

Please help. I need to resolve this asap.



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2 years ago

Hello @pxs6956,

Well since the data works when the SIM is in another phone, we know it is a problem with the device itself.  Here is few things we need to check.

Do you have the right plan?  If you device is an Apple device, you have to have an Apple data plan.  For Android phone you need to be on an Android plan.

Did you buy the device form AT&T?  If you bought the device form another carrier even if it’s unlocked, we do guarantee all features such as data will work.  One thing which is important is you have the right APN settings in your device.  iOS devices update theses settings automatically.  For Android devices you will find instructions for programing the APN’s here.

Last thing to try is master reset the device.  It is important to back up your device before doing this.  For instructions visit our Device How to Page and select the Make and Model of your device.

Thank you for being part of the Community Forums, and have a great weekend.

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

In some cases, powering down the phone for 3-5 minutes has resolved the data access issue. If you haven’t already, please give this a try.


This worked for me as of today, 10-5-2019



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a year ago

FYI: I did go to local ATT store and three ATT tech calls, no luck.

Reboot, vary the "data switch (16 seconds)" on/off line and all the ATT tech programming for setting up a new APN. All no good for my situation.


Only fix was a 5 minute wait period before turning back on. Unit no longer had a small "x" in the antenna bars in ther upper right and my "mobile data" was back to working without wifi having to be on (and or in wifi range).

Note: I found the info..., from a good ATT tech response on google search.



THE FIX: "5 minute wait period before turning back on"

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4 months ago

I broke my at&T phone an put my sim in a different phone as well as bought a 65.00 prepaid card an my data isn't working at all the new phone is Carried by sprint but says it's compatible

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