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The new iPhone 15
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Friday, February 8th, 2019 7:42 PM

Current status - In Progress (3 business days and counting)

I was wondering if there is any ATT admin that could help me with the unlock of my phone. 


1 - I do meet all the criteria, I have read.

2 - It's been more than the 2 days ATT said it would take.

3 - I have checked my spam, my e-mail. The only thing I have received was the confirm unlock e-mail that I have confirmed.



I need a reply from ATT with the reason why it is taking so long to unlock my phone.

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2 years ago

i order a prepaid i phone 6 plus 9 days ago and nothing but they took the money out of the account. i order this phone because my phone is cracked and black can't call at t or have any one call me. so where is my order sherri robertson email [email scrubbed]


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