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Friday, February 14th, 2020 5:45 PM

Comprimised/Hacked/Monitored phone and service through AT&T

Hello, in some way without visually seeing an icon on my iPhone(originally a 6plus, then a 7 or 8, now a 10- which has even been replaced twice under warrenty attempting to stop monitoring)- my information, screen, calls, text- including call interception and rerouting when I've dialed out too- including even receiving iMessages with my data turned completely off a couple times and no wifi logged in, have been accessed and visible to a other people. There are so many more things too.

To eliminate the possibly of this continuing through my phone- I've had my phone fully reset several times and even switched phones, SIM cards, and my phone number- the complete phone part of this situation has been happening someone between a year and a half to over 2 years.

Ideas on how this is possible? And what software or resources these people could have set this up with would be extremely helpful!

Thanks in advance!!

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4 years ago

Somebody has hacked your Apple ID, not the phone. Change your password. And then add two-step authorization so that no one can hack your Apple ID again.



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4 years ago


Check tow avenues - if you’re enrolled in mobile protection with your iPhone, then download the AT&T Protech app and you can chat and call with a technical representative to further look into your phone’s condition. If not, you can also reach out to Apple about your Apple ID via downloading the Apple Support app and chatting in or calling 800-MYIPHON

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