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Sat, Jun 8, 2019 5:28 AM

Cannot call a certain sprint number

Every time I call this number it does not ring at all, it just echoes. I can text and FaceTime but I cannot call them. They can call me but my calls won’t go through to them. We have checked the do not disturb feature as well as the blocking feature and none of them are on. We have also deleted our contacts on each other’s phone to see if that helped and it didn’t. We have updated and restarted our phones as well and still nothing. We both have iPhones but different carriers. I called in and asked if there was a block error and there isn’t any. 


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8 months ago

Hello @Juarejan,


We can definitely provide you with some troubleshooting steps for when you're unable to make a phone call. Please review these tips from our article to Learn how to identify and resolve issues with making and receiving phone calls. If you're still having issues with making calls to that phone number after following those troubleshooting steps, we also recommend using our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool to fix issues with phone calls. Simply select your device and the issue, then follow the steps to find a solution. Let us know if this helps.


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4 weeks ago

Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the exact same problem. My friend's AT&T phone (iPhone) is unable to call my iPhone (Sprint) and the echo symptom is the same. Also can text and I can call her. She can Facetime Audio & Video call me. We've updated phones. I've completely restored and reactivated my phone, reset network settings, etc. There are no blocks anywhere.

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@TomMcCauley i am having the same issue? I just got a new iphone in november ( iphone 11) and i cannot call my frind who has sprint? Like you said all it does it echo? what phone do you have? is it only the iphone 11?