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Sun, Sep 14, 2014 8:55 PM

Calm down, people.

I know there are a lot of folks frothing at the mouth over this and can't fathom why there's an apparent delay in iPhone 6+ shipping. Here's what happened, as I understand it:


Pre-sales were supposed to go live, across the board, at 12:01 AM PST. People loaded up the Apple site or their carrier site of choice (or both). Some folks are still unaware of this, but a technical error allowed people to order at least 15 minutes early from AT&T (I was one of them - I got my order in at around 11:54 PM and still got an initial ship date of 10/02). A lot of people took advantage of this, leading to a large number of stock being spoken for before the "official" presale time. This is why people who ordered minutes after midnight from AT&T were getting mid-October ship dates. 


12:01 rolls around and Apple was still having problems, which caused a significant number of people to switch over to the carrier sites to make their orders. The huge influx of orders which otherwise would have been placed at Apple caused AT&T's projected ship dates to push back two months. Most people were shocked upon seeing these ship dates and cancelled their orders, and instead ordered from Apple (or somewhere else), hoping to get their phone on launch day.


Here's the kicker, though: It doesn't matter where you order from. They're all coming from the same source (Apple), and they will be shipped in the order in which they were received. If your order is processing or preparing for shipment, DO NOT CANCEL IT. If you cancel, you're essentially losing your place in line and you're only going to get it later than you thought you were in the first place. Don't take your aggression out on AT&T's employees. It's not their fault, and they're trying to deal with this fiasco as best they can. There are a ton of cancelled orders due to impatient people, and those will have to be cleared from their system. Once that happens, it will become apparent where you stand, and even more apparent when the tracking numbers go out next week.


From what I gather, if you ordered within the first few hours, you'll likely get your phone on release day. But even if you don't, so what? I know it's the "new hotness," but in reality, it brings little new to the table. If you currently have an iPhone, it can already do everything the 6 can do. There's been a lot of outrage over this ordeal, and most of it sounds exactly like the whining of a petulant child who didn't get the toy they wanted when they wanted it. You're better than that!


Just put things in perspective, chill out, and give AT&T (and everyone else) a few days for the smoke to clear. You'll get your phone.



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7 y ago

For starters, telling any angry person to calm down is condescending and generally unhelpful. The same goes for minimizing the significance of the subject at hand (i.e. it's just a phone, labeling people as whiners or impatient).  People becoming upset and communicating frustrations indicates desire for change.  It's not up to one person to dictate to another how they should feel about anything - actions are a different story.


The assertions as to what happened certainly seem sensible although we do not have any sort of official communication from AT&T.  Regardless, this is not AT&T's first rodeo and therefore it also makes sense that there are customers angry at inconsistent expectations being set by the merchant (AT&T in this case).


Frankly, the details of what happened don't matter.  When you partner with a supplier and set certain expectations for delivering to the consumer, you're also on the hook for the partner's failures (Apple, as you assert).  What matters is that enough customers expectations were not properly managed.  I'm specifically referring to displaying a ship date in the order flow and then subsequently pushing out said date.


I agree that while it's not immediately helpful for a customer to become irate (abuse excepted) with a company representative, part of the job of a representative is to push back internally to affect change.  Given enough outrage in the aggregate, a well-run organization will utilize the feedback effectively, lest its reputation suffer.


It's good advice for folks to not cancel at this point but for those who did cancel early and go directly with Apple, they are likely feeling more confident about the ship date Apple has communicated to them than anything AT&T would say at this point.




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7 y ago

I buy a lot of phones and am familiar with all this. The OP has made some good points. I called a AT&T rep a day before launch. She told me last year the Apple site crashed and a lot of people had issues ordering. She suggested I order from At&t instead. It appears she was right. I went on Apple site and was not able to order at launch time, but ordered from At&t right away, with no problems.


 I've ordered a lot of phones from At&t. I've ordered from them several times and it always does this way (Showing much later ship times, inconsitant data). You have to give their system a chance to catch up and get things straigtened out. If you ordered fairly early, with in the first hour; you will most-likey be getting your phone sooner than it shows, much sooner. 


cin303, I don't agree that it's part of the representatives job to push back internally and affect change. You or I don't know what thier job situation is, and that's a totally unfiair statement in my opinion. 


I know everyone wants their phones, I've been there, but you should be patient (I'm not telling you to be patient, just suggesting). I've seen this happen every year with every big phone launch, especailly the Iphone. 

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