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Sat, Sep 12, 2015 3:17 PM

Buy iPhone OR use iPhone Upgrade Plan with ATT GoPhone prepaid?

OK - here is a quick breakdown for any users who like the prepaid GoPhone option.

I don't like being tied into contracts, so went with GoPhone. No fees are added. $60/m for smartphone, unlimited talk & text, and 4GB LTE data. (reduced to $55/m if you have auto-refill selected) (( Tax is calculated at 6% - state of Pennsylvania))


BUY the iPhone full price: (using the 16GB iphone 6s as sample)

$649.00 iPhone

$ 38.94 tax

$129.00 Apple Care

$   7.74 tax

$660.00 (GoPhone 12m at $55/m)


$1,476.94 for 12months. Sell iPhone for approx $500 at end of year.

$1,476.94 - $500 = $976.94


Final cost per year $976.94 \ 12m = $81/month


LEASE the iPhone using Apple Upgrade


$  1.94/m  tax


$34.35 x 12m = $412.20 a year.


$412.20 + $660 (Go Phone at $55/m) = $1,072.20


Final cost per year $1,072.20 \ 12m = $89.35/month*

(without the aggravation of selling the old iPhone)


What do you think?  Plug in the higher cost of the 64 or 128GB phones if that is your selection.


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