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Fri, Nov 14, 2014 4:14 PM

Beyond Frustration!

How long does it usually take the escalations department to help you??? I purchased the iphone 6 plus... waited months... it shipped (without signature required) and never received the phone. It says it was delivered on November 3rd... called AT&T and they said we will make a ticket to the "ecscalations department" now it is Novemeber 14th and I have heard nothing... should I just get rid of all my services and go else where? 





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6 years ago

ATT doesn't actually escalate a thing.  They tell you that, because ATT doesn't care about actually servicing customers, they care about getting you off the phone with what you want to hear...





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6 years ago

The exact issue happened to me. 


I was really dismayed that they used USPS. The tracker said 'delivered' but nobody was home. When I looked around my house, nothing was there. I chased up with USPS and got their inspectors to investigate. Their conclusion was 'the carrier doesn't remember where he put it'.


Along with this, the AT&T escalations team started 'investigating' too. It took them a week to tell me I had to fax them with a copy of my ID, Debit card and a Police report - they emailed me the serial number of the handset they sent.


So, I went to my local NYPD precinct, told them the issue and they said they couldn't do anything about it and that it was USPS' responsibility. I faxed the Escalations department with the informaiton I could and also ran an IMEI check on that serial. It came up as not activated.


I then called the product specialists the next morning, and they told me the escalations team doesn't work on the weekend. I let another few days pass with no response. So I called today only to be told that they have to escalate this again.


When I ordered the phone, I also ordered in iPhone 6 for my wife. Her phone came via FedEx with no issue. This on the otherhand has been hours of time wasted, on December 6th my first bill paying for this handset is due, my Lumia 920 is on its last legs and I haven't had a chance to even look at my bloody iPhone 6 Plus.


The lack of communication or professionalism on AT&T's escalations team's part has been terrible. The other people I have spoken, chatted and tweeted with have been great, but ultimately impotent to assist. They have agreed that USPS was a poor choice to ship with and the last agent I spoke with, Stephanie, said that she was disappointed that I hadn't received the help I should have recevied.


Their empathy is nice, but at the end of the day, I still have no phone but a monthly payment that they won't even let me cancel until they resolve this issue.


Do any AT&T employees read this? Do they have any power to assist me?



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6 years ago

I sympathize with you steev182.  I am in a similar boat...


I ordered on 10/11 an iPhone 6 Plus only to find out that evening that the rep ordered a iPhone 6 (no Plus).  I called att the next morning to be told the couldn't cancel the order because it was in 'shipping' status and was told to go where I purchased the phone.  An att kiosk at our local mall.


They called an att support number who basically said the same thing.  My only option was to order another phone on a second line while I waited to return the first one.  Monday was a holiday.  The iPhone 6 showed up on Tuesday.  Wednesday I took the phone in to the att kiosk.  They said they would ship it back for me...


The kiosk agrees that they took posession and shipped it via USPS.  The IMEI is not active but the att warehouse hasn't received it.  It has been 5 weeks and 1 day.  I have called weekly about it.  Each time they are very sympathetic.  I know them by name.  Very nice.  Very impotent.  Three have given clear dates that they would remove it from my bill and refund my money.  One said their manager was personelly taking care of this and would call me within 30 minutes (that was 2 or 3 days ago- I'm too livid to remember now).  I


've already paid against the Next plan for the phone.  My last try was yesterday.  The att rep said the kiosk isn't att (although their signs say att, their shirts say att, and they say...).  They abruptly said it is my problem and to deal with the kiosk directly or USPS.  WHA?!!


I called the kiosk.  I happened to get the manager.  They have contacted the US mail drop they use and are beginning to research it now.  They verified that the IMEI is not active and I will be contacted shortly...(I think I've already enjoyed this nightmare...).


[BEGIN RANT] I've experienced this sort of irresponsible mismanagement from att and the USPS before.  I will use any other means to ship if at all possible before the USPS.  Att is another issue.  Their phone service is the least worst (not best).  It is always when having to go into a store, call them on the phone, or converse via chat do I ALWAYS regret being a customer.[/END RANT]


So keep us updated.  I truly hope things work out for you...




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6 years ago

I'm not sure how it has gone for you others, but I was able to collect my phone from an AT&T store last night.


The phone itself, love it. But I had to do a few more things:


-I called for an update, the escalations team had closed my case without attempting to contact me. The case was reopened.

-I emailed the CEO's email stating the issues I had experienced. The person assisting me was really helpful, and was able to help organize everything. He wasn't able to click his fingers and magic me a replacement just from my story (which is both frustrating and understandable at the same time).

-I did have to go to the NYPD again, and formally reported the case as petit larceny. Then faxed everything to escalations, but with the help of the contact from the CEO's office, I emailed him a copy of it all too to make sure they actually received it.

-Escalations team called the next day to organize the reorder and we set it to go to a local store.

-The order was due on 12/1-12/3 but it flipped to backordered.

-The contact tried to get it pushed up for me, and it finally was set to shipped two nights ago. At the same time, I ran the original phone's imei number. Apple activation status showed it as activated - so somebody is using that phone...

-AT&T used FedEx and required a signature this time. Good job!

-I picked the phone up and got a case with it last night. When I went to activate it, it wouldn't activate. This made me suspect that escalations hadn't blocked the original from cell activation and was accidentally active while the phone in my hand wasn't activating. I called customer care (again, very nice people, and this time I read out the IMEI and ICCD numbers of the handset in my hand and we were able to properly activate it.

-I wanted to upgrade the data allowance, but as the order was in progress, I couldn't, so ended up having to pay $15 for an extra GB last month.


I also received a bill credit.


All in all though, I put in a lot of effort to get this. I'm ecstatic that I finally have the phone - my Lumia 920 was getting closer to death - but there were several areas that AT&T really slipped up.


1) Fulfilment using the lowest version of mail they can get away with. These devices MUST be sent with signature required, or, AT&T and Apple should have a kind of preactivation Find my iPhone tracking. 

2) Escalations' communication is not good enough. The requirement to Fax information without a real method to confirm receipt, along with the 'we'll update in around 72 hours' doesn't seem to happen.

3) Escalations not blocking out the original phone immediately. They shouldn't need a police report to do that if the recipient is saying the phone didn't arrive.



I do feel like these might not be fixed in the future though. I'm not confident in online orders or escalations, but I am impressed by the majority of AT&Ts customer care.

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