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Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 10:00 PM


AT&T will not unlock my PAID-OFF iphone

I bought an iPhone 12 mini little over 1 year ago. AT&T first sent me to their website, on the website I Kept receiving an error message, I tried this for 4 days, I did keep calling AT&T 611 which was no help at all.

FINALLY an agent from 611 connected me to a 611 Supervisor (Rona employee #193460984) who told me I had an installment plan on my iPhone 12 mini (my iPhone 12 mini was bought outright in an official AT&T store, the AT&T store sold me the iphone, activated the iphone in-store, and gave me a new phone number.) I was told I stole my iPhone 12 mini by Supervisor Rona. Rona basically said what she wanted to say and everything I tried confirming with her was blatantly ignored all I could hear was talking in the background and typing. I’d ask her a question and she’d have no response, I’d ask again and shed say “oh I didn’t hear that.”

Supervisor Rona basically called me a “thief” and told me “go find the person I stole my iPhone from and tell them to pay off their AT&T installment plan.” I tried AGAIN to explain to her my iPhone 12 mini was bought, activated and sold to me in-store. She then told me to buy another iphone or pay off the installment plan. I ALREADY PURCHASED MY IPHONE 12 MINI.

After having this dispute and being called a “thief” and being told ‘I don’t pay my bills.” I was rudely hung up on.

About 2-3 hours later I received a phone call to my iPhone and it was a different Supervisor Luv (she would only tell me her first name nothing else). Luv, apologized to me for the way I was spoken to and the way I treated by Rona. I was also ensured my iPhone 12 mini would be UNLOCKED in 24-48 hours.

It is now over 1 week and my iPhone is NOT UNLOCKED!

why am I being forced to have AT&T as a service provider?

I have become a Victim of AT&T and I’m being forced by AT&T to use them as service provider, I was promised the iPhone 12 mini could be unlocked when purchased, again over the phone, and again and again. LIES!!!

I did read on the internet multiple people have has the same problem with AT&T.

that tells me AT&T prepaid is a SCAM!!! 

Why should I shovel out more $100s of dollars for another iPhone???

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1 year ago

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