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Saturday, February 18th, 2017 8:47 AM

AT$T, the WORST cell Co. ever. Period. They refuse to immediately cancel service and unlock my phone

So just to start off I have been a member w AT&T consecutively since 2014-now (not counting the 2, 2 year contracts I did b4 then and swapped or canceled services. I also just got hit with TWO months of billing when I cancelled my service two months ago, called and said hey my contacts been up over a year, I cancelled and rather than spending 100$ a month I spent 30$ on a "prepaid sim" I asked them to verify my # linked to my act hasn't been in use. The dumb lady kept saying the words "contract (again even tho my device and contract have been up since Oct 6th 2015)" and "it's our policy" while avoiding helping and refuses to let me speak with a manager. I hope they fire you Shanuiqa or Sasquatch or whatever ur stupid name was. Ok so on to the most important part. I need to unlock my cellphone to use with Verizon cuz AT&Duke has ZERO bars in podunk town Wa. But guess what even tho I cancelled my act two months ago I have to do it again, but the real gem is "as a curtesy ur act will stay active for two additional weeks, idgaf! I can't unlock my PAID FOR IPHONE cuz ur amazing awesome bul$hee of a "unlock portal" won't realize that my act is cancelled and every request I submit and wait two effin days per time I just get this Downs's auto reply saying " opps looks like that device is still active on a account plz try again later" ......... called them about 20 times now, seriously has been the WORST experience ever. Do ur self a Huge favor... if ur only choice is to stab ur eyes and ears out with a dull rusty aid laiden nail or sign up with AT&T, take the nail. Live ur life happy knowing you absolutely made the right choice! Crap employees, trained crappily by crap managers who answer to crap ceos and "investors" even tho they sucked 100$ a month outta me for years, the second you need help or have a prob. Forget about it, that's against "their policies"


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Community Support


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6 years ago

Hello @ Kill_J0Y,


I am sorry to hear about the poor experience you had getting this taken care of. Unlocking your phone and contacting our support should be a seamless and easy experience for sure!  I am glad you reached out to the Community Forums to get this resolved.


If your device is already off contract and meets the requirements for unlock, it is definitely eligible for unlock so you can use it on another carrier. From the information you provided, it sounds like you submitted your unlock as a non-AT&T customer which is why you’re seeing the error stating the device is still active on an account.


Please click here to submit a new unlock. Be sure to submit your request as a current customer since your account is still active. You will need to confirm your unlock within 24 hours by email. I am confident you will be approved after following these steps!


Best regards. Please let us know if you need more assistance.


Adrian, AT&T Community Specialist

ACE - Sage


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6 years ago


YOu should know that even once unlocked your 3 year old ATT phone will NOT work on Verizon.  Verizon is a CDMA network and the only phone I can assure you will work on Verizon is the iPhone 6S



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