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Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 6:06 PM

AT&T Preapid iPhone X Unlock

I'm trying to get my iPhone X unlocked through the AT&T website but it doesn't process. I'm an AT&T Prepaid customer for more than a year and it doesn't process the request. It says "You must have Six Months of Consecutive Paid Service", which i clearly did from 2016. I bought this phone in December 2017 and i have to travel out of US in next month. I paid the full retail price and have seen exceptions made for customers to unlock. I tried PM'ng @ATTCares but got the same response. Maybe someone who understands the situation can guide me through.



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6 years ago

You have to have 6 months of prepaid service with the phone you are trying to unlock.  Having 6 months, or even years, of service prior to buying that prepaid phone doesn’t count for anything.  Proving you paid full retail price may get an exemption, but having prior service on a different phone won’t.

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