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Friday, June 9th, 2023 6:09 PM

AT&T Managed Networks Removal?

Managed Networks listed in my iPhone’s Wi-Fi Network information, “AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint” and “attwifi”.

What are they, why are they there, and why can’t I remove them from my device? 

My phone was purchased full cost of device, not contracted or financed through carrier upgrade.

My iPhone is supposed to be fully Unlocked, my cellular information page reflects it’s unlocked (No SIM Restrictions).


They are seemingly blocked from user removal, how do I remove these managed networks from my device? 

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6 months ago

Hello @micahgalloway, thank you for reaching out to us regarding your Wi-Fi network concern, we will be glad to assist you with this. 


Here are a few quick troubleshooting steps to try if you have not done so already that could resolve this issue. 


1. Power your device off and back on. 


- Your device may just need a quick restart in order to update and allow you to remove those networks. 


2. Turn Wi-Fi off and back on. 


- This will refresh your Wi-Fi connection and could lead to a resolution. 


If after this, the Wi-Fi networks are still showing, we have a helpful guide on our website to assist you with removing Wi-Fi networks on your mobile device, you can check this guide for a reference on how to do so with the iPhone 14. However, if you have a different model, at the top of that webpage there is an option to switch to your device type and model for device specific instructions. 


If you have further questions or concerns after this, feel free to reach back out and thank you for coming to the AT&T Community Forums! 


DylanD, AT&T Community Specialist

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