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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 6:43 PM

AT&T company is stealing from customers by running promotion scams

Your company is running a scam.  I was incorrectly guided by customer support staff into purchasing an overpriced out of date phone under the "promotion" that the phone would be free after the payments were later credited to the account after 2 to 3 months.  I called a month after signing the agreement to ensure that the phone payments would be reimbursed to the account and was told that yes they would be reimbursed.  Once the time expired for the phone to be returned and my money refunded, I called as I was not being reimbursed for the payments and was notified that the phone didn't qualify for the promotion and that my only course of action is to pay for this overpriced out of date phone.  I am very unhappy and feel that this company has very poor customer service and that they will steal your money and smile at you while they are doing it. 





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2 months ago

People need to understand that the “free” phones are not free in the sense of “here’s a new phone, enjoy”.  It’s a promotion where you are buying the phone and paying for it on monthly installments on your bill, but are getting a credit for the same amount on the monthly bill, so the payments every month are $0. However, the credits usually don’t start until 2-3 billing cycles, so initially you are making payments, but when the credits start, they provide catch-up credits for the first couple of bills that didn’t have the credits (they don’t credit the full amount all at once).  Also, you have to remain within the terms and conditions of the promotion (usually something like keeping an active line, and completing the whole 30 month installment to the end) to get it “free”.  This should all written be in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you bought the phone.  Those written conditions are what govern the promotion, not what some salesperson who just wants to make the sale told you verbally.

People need to read the terms and conditions before they agree to them.


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2 months ago

What exactly is an 'out of date' phone, and how much does it cost?  Because AT&T does sell 'out of date' phones.   

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2 months ago

If you did not want the phone, don't get the phone. No matter how many times you are asked. It's pretty simple. 

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