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Thursday, May 4th, 2017 2:42 AM

Am I the only one who has a hacked iPhone?

My iPhone is severely hacked. Battery is draining fast. All Apps like FaceTime, etc. are not accessible. They control text messages, email, iCloud, etc. The following telephone #'s were listed in "blocked numbers". I don't recognize any of them & found that it's probably linked to spyware. I have a lawyer who has contacted the FBI. They will investigate every device in my home that's been hacked. This is horrible & has caused myself & my husband much stress, anxiety & paranoia. Cyberhacking is a malicious attempt and intent to harm a person in every way possible. All of my private, personal, legal, financial files were stolen. All my photos have been stolen as well as music.
Please help me... they are using my cellular data so the usage is going up$$$$ so fast. I have no control over this so I can't turn it off. I'm not paying for extra cellular data. They are using it for music, etc.
I have no control over " widgets & can't delete anything.


Thank you

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7 years ago

Go to a different computer (not in your home).


Log into your e-mail and and AT&T and all your other accounts and change your passwords ASAP. Do the e-mail first.


Use different passwords for EACH account.


I have never heard of an iPhone being taken over in such a manner, so I'm having some doubts. Regardless, change all your passwords...



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7 years ago

Hacking your iCloud/iTunes account is not the same as hacking a phone, which requires direct access.  If your email and iTunes accounts are not secured it's 2 step verification, it's easy to hack the accounts.

As @Gary L recommends, reset all passwords.  Then set up 2 step verification on all accounts.  This prevents anyone from accessing accounts without verification code sent to your cell phone or email. 

You need to factory reset all your mobile devices.  




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7 years ago

The same thing is happening to my husband and I. It's been going on for a long time. We've been thru several iPhones and changed our phone numbers. We've had thousands of dollars stolen, there are several fraud investigations going on. It seems no matter what we do or change they always find a way to get in. Our phones also have blocked numbers we don't recognize and our phones are calling numbers and reaching contacts we do have but the numbers showing in our recent calls aren't our contacts numbers. This is insane! I'd love to speak to you because I've not been able to find much help on this other than our bank and credit card companies who are doing fraud investigations.
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