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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 1:20 PM

ZTE Blade Spark Issues Continue

I purchased an AT&T Blade Spark a few months ago. Initially, the phone worked great and I did not have any issues. I flew cross-country to Vegas a few weeks ago and turned my phone completely off during the flight. When I arrived in Vegas and restarted my phone, half my apps were missing! Ok, I reloaded my apps and kept it moving. Since that incident, I have noticed a few apps not loading up (Instagram, FB Messenger,). The Google Play store is also acting wonky and takes forever to download apps or downright not download it. When I restart the phone my folders are missing apps all the time. I put in a new SD card hoping that would help, but I am still getting the same results.


I do enjoy my pre-paid service due to pricing and coverage. The pre-paid phone I chose is garbage and now I have to look for another phone, but I am leaning to move to another company. But honestly all the carriers in my area use the same towers so switching to another company is no issue to me.


Before I make a decision to move on, is anybody having this issue and if so do you know how to fix it?

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6 years ago

Hi @AliAllWorld!

Experiencing issues with apps deleting after a reset is certainly problematic. I am happy to help! You can use our Device Support Tool to check the software version on this device and perform the update if needed.

If your phone has the most current software, I would like to recommend backing up all of your personal data such as contacts, photos, etc. and perform a Factory Data Reset. To do this reset, tap Settings> Backup & reset> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything.

After performing this troubleshooting, if you are still having issues you may need to look into the replacement options. Thanks so much for your time! Have a great day!

Jenn, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 years ago

okay, this is a hand full but here we go, While i was in the military i bought a zte blade spark and it was okay at first and had a good price. but after about a year or so, i started having some issues. at first they are minor but they have progressively gotten much worse and i dont have the budget for a new phone. At first, it would only let me have like 2 apps due to storage space but when i check my space it says i have enough but it still wont let me. its a pain in the butt. it will automatically drop apps , calls and whatever upon opening. it doesnt hold a charge, im lucky if i can get the battery to last 4 hours and it takes literally all night to charge and it doesnt like to hook to the charger i know its the phiine and not the charger because ive tried buying new chargers expensive and cheap and it does the same thing. if i set it down too hard which not hard at all, it will go to home screen, if i turn it upside down it powers off and restarts. and very often it will randomly power off and on several times an hour . This is so frustrating i can barley contain my self. The micro phone doesnt like to pick up sound during a phone call but during an internet call (messanger) it does fine. it wont let me delete pictures or videos to try to free space but then other times it will let me delete  like 2 but it still shows up as a grey square in my camera roll. it wont save pictures i take or screen shots. at times it powers on after randomly powering off the screen will flash and distort around the perimeter and then it will also randomly change my keyboard. and it will also just have an all out seizure and flash and freeze and i have to wait for the battery to die so i can plug it in and try to use it again. can someone tell me what the (Edited per community guidelines) is going on here??? thats not even all the problems, there are so many this is all just off the top if my head. this is awful i need someone who can help that knows what they are doing. thank you.


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