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Sat, Mar 29, 2014 5:48 AM

Where is Google Wallet and Host Card Emulation on the Note 3 KitKat 4.4.2?

After all the wait and circumstance we finally have 4.4.2 on our N900A Note 3's. With that update we should have Host Card Emulation or HCE to allow for a secure software token so that Google Wallet can work "properly" (although it would work fine without) but alas AT&T seems to have stripped the functionality out of the Note 3 4.4 build. The AT&T i337 Samsung S4 has HCE emulation working and you get Tap-to-Pay on Google Wallet. Why Why Why????

Before an AT&T representative responds "ISIS" let me tell you I don't want it nor do I even always have an AT&T sim in the phone. More importantly in a formal FCC complaint responded to by "The Office of the President" in November I was told Google Wallet would work with the eventual 4.4 upgrade to the Note 3. You have once again stripped functionality in the name of anti-competitive support of your boondoggle venture ISIS. What is the offical response to missing HCE on the Note 3? I will be opening up another FCC complaint and specifically referencing the now lied response of the Nov 2013 complaint. I also happily plan to open a FTC complaint to for good measure in regards to removing functionality that customers have otherwise paid for on their devices.



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8 y ago

You would think they would treat the customers of their premium devices and most expensive plans better. I don't get it.

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8 y ago

You realize this time its Samsung's fault the NFC chip is not comparable with Google wallet. There are no drivers for the chip in android 4.4.2. Samsung dropped the ball. This is on all carriers. Now look the s4 has a play edition and the new HTC one m8 has a gpe addition and wallet works
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