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Wed, Aug 14, 2013 5:26 AM

When will AT&T offer the 64GB Galaxy S4?

I'd like to know if they'll ever off this version and if so, when.  I've been waiting a few months but I'm not sure how much longer I should wait before giving up. Any predictions?






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7 years ago

I would give up... I don't think any company in the us offers the 64gb phone nor did any company offered the gs3 64gb option as well I believe


Honestly the 16GB with a 64GB Micro SD card or a 32GB with a 64GB phone should be fine given that they now let you install Apps to SD card.  My old s3 used up about 80% of its space with the same apps i have on my new S4 (Red 16GB option) and my s4 still hase about 6GB of Free space

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