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Sun, Jan 27, 2013 3:08 PM

Unlocking Your Phone Is Now Illegal

What is this contry coming to.  If you own the phone or contract is out, it should be yours to do what you want with it. Read Article





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8 y ago

@aybarrap1 wrote:

@redpoint73 wrote:

Be aware that the law only applies to devices purchased from your carrier AFTER the 1/26/13 deadline.  Any devices purchased before this date are still perfectly okay to SIM unlock.


Obviously a law created by politicians who have no understanding of technology (remember the guy who said the Internet is a "series of tubes"?), and just bending to the wills of the corporate lobbyists.  Why is the Library of Congress setting rules for telecommunications anyway???  Media like DVDs I can somewhat understand.  But a smartphone is not a form of media.  Next, the Library of Congress will tell me I can't change the oil in my car, or get it changed anyplace but the original dealer, since that would also be "reverse engineering", and cars have computers in them, too.

Actually, I still even question the ability to enforce this law on phones even after the 26th of least for LTE phones.  It is my understanding that the FCC passed regulations that prohibit this on the 700 Mhz spectrum and therefore, in theory, the phone can be unlocked how you choose.


I agree about the hardware vs media.  This is nothing more than an attempt by AT&T (and any other major player) to prohibit competition and therefore keep the possibility of losing subscribers at a minimum.  Just goes to show how it is not the people (via those who they elect) that run the country, it is the big corporations

As far as I know, the FCC regulations were only on the section of the 700MHz spectrum that Verizon Wireless purchased; AT&T Mobility is not affected by the ruling.


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