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Tue, Apr 19, 2016 5:24 PM


Trade in

I recently did a trade in and would like my old phone back. How do I do it


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5 years ago

If you traded in your phone for an upgrade, you cannot get your old phone back.

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a month ago

This is correct. It is a complete racket. I traded in a 1 year old phone that cost $850 that worked perfectly but had a crack in screen. I was told that It was worth $75, which was fine because as long as it was worth $50, I would get the $300 promotion. This was entire reason that I traded it in. Well... they ended up valuing it at $18!!!!!! Shame on them!!! Not to even mention that I never saw the $18. I would have kept the phone and NEVER bought the new one. I'm done with ATT


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