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Wed, May 18, 2022 4:42 AM

T-Mobile Network to ATT and Verizon


I know our MMV (mileague may vary) but is it true T-Mobile has come a long way compared to ATT and Verizon where they used to be. Like i would get more coverage in spots i prob wouldnt have had years ago? I wouldnt mind trying them out again however i just hope i dont get any dropped calls tho. Im currently on Cricket and just would like a plan that will help save costs while having a good amount of data.

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Um... So? 

Are you seriously asking people who use AT&T if T-Mobile has improved enough for you to switch?   How would they know for your location? 

   I had some junk haulers come to the house and someone to quote for tree removal in the past week. Both of them had T-Mobile for service and neither one could get any signal. I get two bars from AT&T and Verizon.

     But that's in my location. Cellular service is always location based. Whether or not another service provider will work for you is entirely up to you to decide by trying the service. That is why all service providers must allow a period of time for users to decide whether or not they like the service.   So you have at least 14 days to try the service before you have to return phones and Port your phone number back to your original provider.

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