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Fri, Nov 27, 2020 4:15 AM

Some calls go to voicemail and some of go through normally

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Version 8.0.0 Oreo Security Patch Level Dec 1, 2019

Issue: Some calls will go to voicemail, some will come through just fine;

Example: I also have an Android Based Blu Trac phone. From that phone If I call the   S7 from from the Blu Trac phone the call will go straight to the S7 Voicemail. Text can come through normally, without issue (at least so far). I had a friend that had been trying to call me one night. She explained that the phone kept going to voicemail, but her texts would come through fine. Later that night her and her sister had stopped by for a visit. 

Troubleshooting So Far: 

Ask the two friends visiting to call the Galaxy S7 my main phone, both went immediately to voicemail, no indication in call history that a call even registered. 

*Phone has been factory reset twice

*After reset no blocked numbers

*Always forward says that it is shut off. 

*Air Plane mode is off (no factor since some come through). 

*Access point names: Nextgenphone

*Mobile Networks/Network Operators: ATT

Where we are at this point. Considering getting off my current plan and changing phone number.  which is actually on my parents plan, has been that way for several years without issue. Now I don't know when I am receiving calls, and when I'm not. Tried to call ATT Support, which logged a ticket, has not called back yet. 


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2 months ago

Hello, @wmerriman,


Thank you for reaching out. We'd love to help with this. Do you know the carriers on the devices that go straight to voicemail? Does that seem to make a difference? Please let us know.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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