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Tue, Jan 1, 2019 3:07 AM

Software updates on Galaxy S8+

Samsung galaxy s8+ with android 8.0 ran a software update earlier today. Upon completion i am no longer connected to mobile network(call text data) wifi works but i noticed the airplane mode symbol is light up. Tapped it to turn off and got asked if i want to turn it on. This has happened once already this year with the previous update. Previous problem fixed by soft rest. Soft reset did not fix the issue currently. Please help...


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2 years ago

Hello @Roberttheginger

Thanks for the post.

That is unusual. Have you recently installed any 3rd-party apps? Some 3rd-party apps you install can make your Samsung Galaxy S8 (G95OU) behave peculiarly.

We suggest placing your G95OU in Safe Mode to diagnose then test this idea. If you place your device in safe mode and the issue goes away, an app you downloaded probably caused it.

Safe Mode places your device in a diagnostic status and may reset your Home screen. Once you leave Safe Mode your settings will return to custom.

  1. While your G95OU powered on, press and hold Power button until the Phone options appears then release.
  2. Touch / Hold Power off until the Reboot to Safe Mode prompt appears then release.
  3. Tap Safe Mode > Restart may take 45 seconds > Once restarted you will see Safe Mode in lower left of unlock/home screen.

Now that your G95OU is in Safe Mode you can still place/receive calls. Observe the behavior. If the device is no longer in Airplane Mode or will toggle on/off - than its safe to say a downloaded app is causing the problem.

  1. Return your G95OU to Standard Mode by restarting your phone to access the your apps and data.
  2. Delete the apps you have added since you noticed the difficulty.
  3. Add back the apps one at a time while observing device behavior.

If troubleshooting apps while in Safe Mode does not provide a solution, you may need to preform a Factory Data Reset.

Please try Safe Mode and keep us updated with your progress.

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

I also have this problem after my S8 forced the Pie update 2 days ago. No I have no connection to a cellular network. I went into safe mode, and the problem does not change. I have restarted many times, turned airplane mode on and off many times, and reset network connections many times. No luck.

I actually got stranded yesterday because I my car battery died and I could make calls or send texts.

About to just buy an iphone and switch carriers because what is the point of having a phone that doesn't work?

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