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Fri, Dec 13, 2013 9:14 PM

Security feature missing on the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 on VZW and I just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on AT&T.


On the GS4 there is an option in the Lock Screen Settings, called "Auto Factory Reset".  It resets the device if the password is entered incorrectly 10 times.


This option is missing on the GN3.  Is this something that Samsung took out?  Or is this another example of AT&T changing / restricting features?


I very much like this security feature.  All of my mobile devices have had this feature going as far back as the Palm V.


Am I missing something?  Or is it just not there?





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7 years ago

Hello rorw,

No such feature exists on any version of the Galaxy Note 3. However, you can remote wipe. If you register admin permissions for Android Device Manager, you can remotely wipe your device. If you have a Samsung Account, you can also use Samsung's FindMyMobile to wipe your device remote.

According to Julie from Samsung Tech-Support, if a pass-code is set on the device lock-screen, after a certain number of incorrect attempts, the device will enter lock-down mode. In order to get out of lock-down mode, the device must be reset.



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7 years ago

I appreciate your reply, but that is not completely accurate.  In fact the option is there on the VZW version of the Note 3 and the S4.  The name of the option is simply "Auto Factory Reset" and it appears in the Lock Screen options once you set either a pin code or password.


Personally, I want it back from a security standpoint.  I use it on my Galaxy S4 and my iPhone 5S and it affords me that extra level of security.  Having to rely solely on the remote wipe function is not at all adequit in my opinion.


Also, the Note 3 on AT&T needs a serious software update.  The version of Knox on the device is still version 1.0 and needs to be updated to version 3.0 or better.


I know, not a lot of user want Knox, but I do, or at least I want the option to use it.


I accept that AT&T adds their software to the device.  I even use some of their software and find value in it.  However, I really do wish they would send the device with all the options and software that the manufacturer intended.

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