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Sunday, September 26th, 2021 3:21 AM

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Stuck with Android v8.0 - how to upgrade the OS?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

The phone is currently operatinng on Android v8.0.0.

When I try the "Upgrade Software menu" (Settings --> Software Upgrade --> Check for Updates --> OK), it says "Software is up to date".

I have plenty of memory available.  Battery is fully charged.  I'm on a strong WIFI.

However, I know the Android OS is currently at v11.

How do I "force" an OS upgrade?

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2 years ago

Hello @TRSmith99,


We'd be more than happy to assist you with updating the software for your wireless device.


You can follow the steps at this link to Learn how to update the software for your Samsung Galaxy S9+.


If you still cannot update the software after following the steps at the link that we've provided, you can use our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool to fix Software Update issues.


Simply select your device and the issue, then follow the steps to find a solution.


Please keep in mind that some updates are rolled out slowly and not all devices will get them at the same time.


We also recommend reviewing our forums article to make sure that you meet all of the Software update requirements.


Let us know if this helps.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

Are you in the United States and still using AT & T for service?   Updates are only delivered over-the-air and you must be an AT&T customer for your phone to connect to the network servers to get the updates.

Since you are so far behind in updates, you may need to find a uBreakiFix repair center or samsung mobile service center, to flash the updates for you.

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