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Wed, Jul 13, 2016 11:27 PM

Samsung Galaxy s7 active is not water resistant !!

had this phone for a while and just to test out the water resistant by running the phone through cold water for screen cleaning for about a min. now the screen just goes black.  I have this phone under warrenty but I feels like ive been tricked advertise saying this phone can  take a picture under water and all that. is there anything i can do other than fork out 200 dollars to the insurance?  



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5 y ago

I'd contact Samsung directly, you'll probably have better luck.

If you search for your subject, in the forums, you'll find some interesting pointers regarding this phone/issue, including one with a Consumer Reports link.

This should give you a starting point, for a discussion with Samsung Warranty.


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5 y ago

It's pretty clear from other threads that if the phone's water sensor is tripped, ATT wants nothing to do with it. You will have to deal directly with Samssung.

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